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25, Женщина
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Языки:  Английский
    • My Room Rules

    • I have a few rules, but they are very important for me.

      Smile and find fun: no matter who you are, let me make you smile
      Check my bio and tip menu, we will save a lot of time
      Respect the show: if I am dancing or doing a special show, you must wait for it to finish to answer the messages
      Do not argue: I do not seek to lie to you or say that I love you, or that I want to marry you, I seek to know you so we go by steps
      Do not send link from other pages
      Think before you tell me something that hurts my heart, I respect you and I hope respect
      I appreciate all the tips equally, that motivates me to continue spending time on camera, you should not get angry
      No Skype, no groups, pvt yes, but ask before we go and let's talk!

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    • About Me

    • Hi there! My name is Fau

      I am 25 years old and I am from Colombia. And I'm not your typical camgirl.
      I have great physical characteristics that I want to use in a sensual and delicate way for you, I enjoy dancing, undressing, making burlesque jokes, body painting shows, good music and unusual humor, every year I choose a place to transmit, I wear 7 years in the webcam industry and I love it, so enjoy the show maybe we can meet in the bathtub, bed, or some strange place, let's talk about fantasies and ways to get horny, torture and please each other, it is important for me that you share things with me
      My face tends to be very expressive, if you spend a lot of time in my room you will learn to know me, and notice that my eyebrow is always up! I don't control it, it just goes up hahaha, laugh with me and let's make fun together, let's avoid being rude, but I accept sarcastic humor, I'm very positive, so if you have a bad day today, look at me (that's a good thing), and I won't extend any more , I almost wrote a book, I only have to say, thank you for reading, do not hesitate to write to me and join my room you can ask any question, not as people and we are far away so do not fear, for your time and my time I will give 100% to make it worthwhile and confirm that I am not your typical camgirl ... just let me prove it
      Thanks for your time reading this, again!

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    • Tip Menu

    • Please read and... Let's have fun together!

  • Tip

  • Song Request

    20 tks

  • Dice Game

    45 tks

  • French Kiss

    50 tks

  • BJ

    60 tks

  • Spanks

    69 tks

  • Squats

    80 tks

  • Spin The Whell

    90 tks

  • Sexy Tease

    150 tks

  • Legs Tease

    169 tks

  • Foot Fetish

    177 tks

  • PM & FriendAdd

    200 tks

  • PreTip PVT(ask me before)

    100 tks

  • Snapchat

    500 tks

  • Wine Drink

    666 tks

  • Roses for me

    777 tks

  • FAU Team

    1111 tks

  • FAU Addict

    5555 tks

  • Buy Me an sexy lingerie

    4545 tks

  • Dress Me as you wish

    4646 tks

  • Beat MY HT of all time

    32016 tks

  • Stockings on

    222 tks

  • Touch Boobie

    99 tks

  • Chair Teasing

    245 tks

  • Animal noise

    167 tks

  • Scream

    176 tks

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    • Top 3 Super Hero (Corner of friends)

      • 1# ✪amendezv

        2# ✪Dolphins1313

        3# ✪Gffgasdsas

Hero Wish list https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/2TYB0TWSO8SII?ref_=wl_share
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To a beautiful young ladies I had the pleasure of talking to she is beautiful and kind full of joy. Treat her with kindness and respect and she will make your fantasy come true.I give her 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐'s ❤🌻🤠
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"Your eyes are two oceans, like stars in the bright moonlight.
Always tender, always wanted, like the sun in the morning at dawn.
Your image is feminine, beautiful, you are as invulnerable as a dream.
Your voice is soft and passionate, like the sound of rain, unique."
When writers, poets, and even ordinary people talk about goddesses,
Fau is talking about you. You are the kindest, sweetest and most patient creature you can dream of.
You are not just the light of a star, you are radiating warmth.
You are so beautiful, patient and loyal that your presence feels like a real gift when you are in plain sight.
You leave an impression that eternally lives in consciousness and which is desirable for this.